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University of West Florida (UWF)

Office of Career Development and Community Engagement

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at the University of West Florida in Pensacola!

With a student population of more than 13,000, UWF is home to five academic colleges, offering a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, as well as specialist degrees and doctorates in education and intelligent systems and robotics.

The Office of Career Development and Community Engagement provides comprehensive career development to our students and alumni. We work with students at every stage of their career development process, and we are focused on helping them turn their passion into a career. Through this process, students are encouraged to participate in experiential learning opportunities such as internships or Co-ps. Our students are graduating with the relevant experience and skills needed to hit the ground running in their future careers.

We strive to provide our employers with exceptional service in their pursuit to finding the “right fit” for positions. Our staff regularly conducts consulting appointments to assist in creating a brand on campus and attracting qualified candidates.

To start recruiting on UWF’s campus, please review our UWF Employer Guideand request a consult with our employer engagement team here.


Thank you for your interest in recruiting at UWF! CDCE is here to assist you in establishing a robust campus recruiting plan connecting your organization with our outstanding students and alumni.

CDCE offers a variety of programs to help employers find the right employee. Our comprehensive, centralized office works with UWF’s five academic colleges, more than 13,000 students, as well as our alumni to assist organizations in finding the right “fit” for their positions. Contact us today to learn how you can start building your company’s recruiting brand on UWF’s campus!