The FCC Includes Career Centers from all 12 Public Universities in the State of Florida

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    Career Services and Experimental Learning, Room 101

    4000 Central Florida Blvd.

    Orlando, Florida 32816

    (407) 823-2361

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    Veena Garib, Director, Employer Relations

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University of Central Florida (UCF)

UCF Career Services contributes to the university’s goal of offering high quality undergraduate and graduate education and student development by providing centralized, comprehensive and coordinated career development, experiential learning and employer relations programs.

These integrated programs help students effectively plan careers; integrate their academic studies to work and to the community; develop personal, academic and work competencies, make effective career and related academic decisions; acquire career-related experience; gain professional employment; and plan for graduate or professional school.


UCF Career Services will achieve this mission through the promotion of quality standards, collaborative internal partnerships with UCF faculty and staff, as well as effective external partnerships with key community organizations and employers.


As a member of the Division of Student Affairs, we believe:

  • Promote student progression to graduation, graduate and
    professional school and productive employment.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop and strengthen leadership skills.
  • Assist students to further develop purpose, integrity,
    ethical practices, and civic responsibility.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Foster student engagement in the Central Florida citi-state and the global community.

    Career Services Experiential Learning

Welcome to UCF Career Services!

We appreciate your interest in recruiting UCF students for full-time and part-time professional career opportunities and look forward to assisting you in achieving your recruitment goals.

Building a Presence on Campus

Employers are encouraged to take a multi-tiered approach to recruiting at UCF. Businesses who participate in a variety of activities to build name recognition and a campus presence typically attract a larger candidate pool and tend to realize greater success in hiring candidates.