The FCC Includes Career Centers from all 12 Public Universities in the State of Florida

New College of Florida (NCF)

Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity

The CEO team is committed to the success of our constituents: students, faculty, staff and employers. We have a relevant and compelling set of services to promote student success while the student is enrolled at New College and post graduation. Services and resources offered include:

  • Career education
  • Career advising services
  • Employment opportunity listing
  • Internship engagement
  • Career skills and career readiness education
  • National fellowships and student research opportunities; assisting college-level students with applications for an array of nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships
  • Graduate school advising and assistance with preparation
  • Career events
  • Student Career Competency Program
  • Student Research and Travel Grant Program opportunities

Whether hiring for a professional role, an intern, or part-time seasonal position, consider recruiting from the award-winning student body at New College, the Honors College of Florida.

To post open positions and internships, please join us on Handshake, our new recruiting platform that connects employers with top local talent. Handshake has over 500 colleges and universities using it to connect with over 200,000 employers around the world. Your organization can be on a level playing field with companies of all sizes and resources.

For additional help, please contact the Center for Career Engagement and Opportunity by email or 941-487-5002, or stop in the office Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.