Career Services/Career Centers are excellent resources of qualified highly motivated, job-ready candidates for employment. To help our graduates with their entry into the work force, we offer comprehensive career planning and placement services.

Each Florida University Career Center offers a wide range of employer services and on-campus recruiting programs including:

Employer Career Services

Job Posting Systems
Each of the Florida Career Centers offer an on-line registration and resume referral system. UNF students and alumni/ae register with Career Services and post their resumes to our database through the internet.

On Campus Interviews
Interview on-campus, one-on-one, with qualified students and or alumni/ae. Choose pre-select (pre-screening of resumes) and open scheduling.

Information Sessions
Meet with groups of interested students and alumni/ae and present pertinent information about your organization.

Information Tables
Set up an information display at a table in a high traffic area on campus. Talk informally with students about your organization and opportunities.

By sponsoring a pizza party or other type of “social” you can provide more casual and informal environment to meet and talk with our students.

Job Fairs
Exchange information with hundreds of students and alumni about co-op and internships, full-time and part-time jobs, and career opportunities. Students are encouraged to explore career opportunities, learn about organizations, and develop their career networks.

Career Partnerships/Sponsorships
Each of the Florida Career Centers look to develop partnerships and sponsorships with employers. Your financial support of Career Services is an investment that will enable us to provide greater opportunities for both students and sponsoring employers.

Cooperative Education
Now part of Career Services, Cooperative Education is an experimental program which provides opportunities for students to combine classroom learning with work experiences related to their major field of interest. Students may “earn and learn” by alternating semesters of full-time work, with full-time study or work part-time 15-20 hours per week. Academic credit may be earned up to six semester hours.

For a listing of specific employer career services and on-campus recruiting programs offered by each of the 10 State of Florida University Career Centers click on the links below:

Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University (FAMU)
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) The Career Center is an integral part of the total education process at FAMU. Our goal is to assist in the fulfillment of the primary mission of the University; namely, to prepare and provide opportunities for students to pursue meaningful careers in a variety of professional and occupational fields and/or pursue graduate studies.
Florida Atlantic University Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
Florida Atlantic University’s Career Development Center, through partnerships with employers, faculty and staff, is to empower students to make effective career choices based on realistic self appraisals and comprehension of the world-of-work, resulting in self sufficient graduates who market their education, skills and experiences to achieve life-long career success.
Florida Gulf Coast University Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)
FGCU Career Development Services is dedicated to supporting the mission of the University and the Division of Student Affairs by promoting student learning and development and helping students fulfill their career expectations. Within this context, we assist stu­dents in developing and implementing career, education, and employment plans and decisions.
Florida International University Florida International University  (FIU)
To provide FIU students, alumni, faculty, administration and the community with current information regarding career development skills, trends and issues while preparing a viable global workforce for the 21st century.
Florida State University - Career Center Florida State University (FSU)
The Career Center has creatively developed an effective, collaborative, interdepartmental array of career services for students and other university constituents.The Career Center is directly involved in instruction and research to support this mission. Although administratively located in Student Affairs, Career Center interventions impact virtually every facet of university life, including new student recruitment, employer/community relations, research, and alumni affairs.
 University of Florida University of Florida  (UF)
Consistent with the Division of Student Affairs, our mission offers students (and, where appropriate, alumni) a broad range of assistance designed to provide the best opportunity for career employment upon graduation.
University of Central Florida University of Central Florida (UCF)
UCF Career Services contributes to the university’s goal of offering high quality undergraduate and graduate education and student development by providing centralized, comprehensive and coordinated career development, experiential learning and employer relations programs.
University of North Florida University of North Florida  (UNF)
The University of North Florida Career Services provides a variety of career services, programs, and resources specifically designed to help our students make a successful transition from academics to the world of work. Students are empowered to engage in self assessment, career exploration, and job preparation. Additionally, Career Services develops and maintains relationships with a diversity of employers to provide networking and job opportunities for students and alumni.
University of South Florida University of South Florida (USF)
The Career Center’s primary mission is to assist students in making the transition from academic life to professional employment.
University of West Florida University of West Florida (UWF)
To educate and empower UWF Students/Alumni in the Career Development process by providing opportunities for experiential learning, civic engagement, service and


Effective Recruiting
  1. Attend Career Expos/Job Fairs - Expos and Job Fairs provide excellent opportunities to showcase your organization, develop your brand on campuses, and to network with students and alumni/ae from a wide range of academic majors.

  2. Post Jobs/Internships in Online systems -Each of the 10 State University Career Centers offer an online job/internship posting system which can be accessed by employers and students 24/7. Can be accessed through each Career Center's Homepage. Employers create a profile, login and password and can post jobs, collect resumes, register for job fairs, and schedule on-campus recruiting activity.

  3. Information Session-Schedule a room/time to present information about your organization to students.

  4. Information Table -Set up an information display table in a high traffic area on campus. This approach allows you to speak informally with students about your organization.

  5. On-campus Interviews-This service which includes use of Career Centers' interview rooms, enables recruiters to prescreen candidates and to schedule interviews.

  6. Keys To Success:-Utilize a variety of recruiting services and/or programs; Maintain a high level of visibility and name recognition on campus; Get to know the Career Centers' staff and help us to understand your hiring needs and preferences so we can assist you in developing the best strategy to achieve your goals.